“Our goal is to
create an exquisite living atmosphere in the future electric car.”

The AC fan blade design has been used for many years within
the automobile industry and has only been changed once Tesla released it.

We realized how the brand created a futuristic aesthetic that
no other brand has ever done it before.

We believe the electric car is the future. We want our brand and products could match the luxury car quality. At the same time offer the user a safe and purified environment.

Scentag Tea Fragrance Ceramic Scents
is made with 100% organic and natural tea extracts, providing a fresh and clean scent that is both eco-friendly and safe for use in your car.

After years of development and testing,
with the insist on aesthetics and perfect proportion by designers,
Finally, the Scentag magnetic ceramic car air fragrance was born,

During the Post-Covid era,
We want car owners to experience new aesthetics and quality within the car environment while surrounded by cleansing and safe air quality when they enter their car every moment.